Street Name Boards
Street Name Boards are the result of a pilot project implemented by Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd under the auspices of the Colombo Municipal Council in facilitating the installation of more than 1400 street-names in the city of Colombo.

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Technical specs for a street name board
Branding space panel - 48” x 8”

Prices on request

Boards will be cleaned regularly throughout the contract period to ensure maximum impact for the sponsor.

The columns for the Street name boards are made up of high tension galvanized "C" purlings. Street name panels and the advertising panels are made of aluminium composite sheets. The street name panels are fixed with 3M high intensity prismatic sticker and 3M electrocut film (blue) reflective stickers for enhanced visibility during night time driving conditions.


  • The inclusion of a corporate sponsor branding board (called Street Name Ads) under each street-name board helps corporate entities and other business organizations to brand their corporate identities on these Street name Ad panel.
  • Street Name Ads' ability to literally brand intersections in targeted areas make it the ideal medium for reaching our city audiences.
  • Advertisers on this medium are recognized by community-members as participants in the provision and maintenance of street-name signage.
  • As co-contributors towards the enhanced delivery of essential services, advertisers not only establish considerable brand-awareness; but also leverage significant brand-loyalty within targeted communities.