1. 1. Why should I advertise on a Billboard / Bus Shelter / Gantry / Street Name Board

    Out of Home Media has been one of the most powerful and effective tools / medium of advertising in Sri Lanka, where you are able to provide you Brand an Undivided, Undisturbed Visibility at a Commercially Prominent Location for a period of one year at an affordable rate

  2. 2. Can I reserve a location on telephone?

    Yes, provided the particular location is available for branding. A reservation made via telephone will be valid for a period of 3 working days within which the client has to make the advance payment. Failing which the reserved location would be released.

  3. 3. Are the prices negotiable?

    Special rates are available for bulk bookings and promotional rates from time to time. It is advisable for the client to get in touch with us on the same.

  4. 4. Can I pay on a monthly basis?


  5. 5. For how long can I display my Advertising Panel on any medium?

    One Year. All contracts will be valid for a minimum period of one year and can be extended if renewed prior to expiry date

  6. 6. How do I get my Ad Panel Artwork designed?

    Client has to provide the relevant artwork which they plan to display. RODL will not be responsible for artwork designing.

  7. 7. During the contract period can we change the Ad Panel Artwork?

    Yes as many times as you require, provided the client pays for the flex changing costs

  8. 8. Do I have to make an extra payment for Maintenance?

    No. The rates mention are inclusive of maintenance, which will be carried out as per the RODL Maintenance Schedule. But if the client requires additional maintenance, RODL will be willing to carry out at an additional cost.

  9. 9. How often do you clean a Bus Shelter / Billboard / Street Name Board / Gantry?

    Cleaning and maintenance if any is done on a regular basis from time to time.

  10. 10. What are the Ad Panel Sizes?

    Bill Board 8’ x 4’
    Street Name Board 48” x 8”
    Gantry – Full 81’x8’
    Gantry – Half 38’x8’
    Gantry - Cantilever 20’ x 8’
    Bus Shelter – Single 2 top panels - 88” x 48”
    1 side panel - 38” x 64”
    Bus Shelter – Double 2 top panels - 88” x 48”
    2 side panels - 38” x 64”

  11. 11. During the contract period can I change the location of my Ad Panel? (Example : Switch between two billboard      locations or Switch two Street Name Board Locations)

    Yes. If the location that you are requesting to be switched to is available (not sold to any other client) RODL can switch the location for you. But there will be an additional Re-Location Cost

  12. 12. Can I terminate my contract before the period elapses? In such an event is it possible to get a refund?

    All advertising contracts are valid for a minimum period of one year. There will be no refunds made in case a client wishes to terminate the contract before the expiry of the contract.