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Bus Shelters

Our bus shelters have enhanced the commuter experience by increasing safety, improving comfort and providing entertainment: high quality, high visibility advertising.

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Increased Comfort

We added seating to our bus shelters to increase commuter comfort.

Better Advertising Opportunities

By upgrading bus shelters to international standards we were able to offer better quality advertising spaces, allowing companies to reach a wider audience.

Improved Commuter Safety

We were the first to illuminate bus shelters, prioritizing lighting as early as 1999 and covering the initial costs to make this possible. Illuminated bus shelters are better for commuter safety and also facilitate 24/7 visibility for advertisers.

Bus Shelter Retail Points: Kiosks and Vending Machines

We’ve created retail opportunities for brands at bus shelters. We set up a manned kiosk designed to provide commuters a convenient opportunity to purchase snacks and soft drinks, and later set up a vending machine offering thirsty commuters access to water bottles.

Solar-Powered Bus Shelter Advertising

Illuminated bus shelter advertising has higher visibility and makes a bigger impact. As part of our efforts to create more sustainable OOH infrastructure, many of our illuminated bus shelter advertising panels are solar-powered.


Our billboards provide city-wide advertising coverage while reducing urban clutter and being environmentally conscious.

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Designed to Reduce Urban Clutter

The lower panel of our billboards is designed for the public to stick posters and fliers, thereby reducing the number of posters defacing the city.

Single Pole Design: Better Advertising Angles

By redesigning the billboard structure and moving to a single column, we created more space on the pavements for pedestrians. By replacing the 2 poles previously used to support billboards we have also been able angle billboards so that they are more visible to commuters.

Solar-Powered Billboards

Introduced solar-powered billboards to give companies high impact, sustainable, 24/7 advertising opportunities.

Street Name Boards

Our street name boards allow you to geo-target your advertising while providing essential navigational information, reducing poster clutter and being environmentally sustainable.

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3 Panel Design to Reduce Poster Clutter

By redesigning street name boards and implementing a 3 panel design, we were able to dramatically reduce the amount of posters that were stuck on the signage. These posters obscured important information on the previous single panel design, defaced the city and made navigation harder. This innovation has been so successful that most urban and municipal councils have adopted our patented industrial design.

Solar-Powered Street Name Boards

All our street name boards use 3M grade reflective stickers for improved visibility, and we are currently trailing solar-powered lighting to make street name boards and advertising even more easily perceptible.


Our gantries have improved navigation within the city and created digital advertising opportunities that are affordable, flexible and environmentally sustainable.

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Reflective Road Signage

Increased visibility on gantry directional signage and advertising by introducing 3M diamond grade reflective road signage. This upgrade aligned our signage with international standards.

Better Advertising Angles

Made advertising more eye-catching by placing it in the middle of the road and adjusting the angle of the signage so it is more easily visible to drivers.

Digital LED Gantries

Introduced digital LED gantries to allow video content and increase flexibility of advertising messaging. The digital format is more affordable, environmentally sustainable and it is easier for advertisers to change their creatives to reflect seasonal offers and promotions.

Airport Advertising

Our premium airport advertising opportunities have helped to modernise the BIA airport so businesses can reach affluent international travellers and key business decision makers.

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Internationally Competitive Advertising Opportunities

Upgraded BIA airport advertising so that it not only modernized the airport, but also created premium advertising opportunities at strategic locations, ideal for brands looking to reach travellers and international customers.