[Use 62% mobile and 42.7% ad blocking infographic]

Combining Out-of-Home (OOH) and mobile advertising campaigns has been shown to deliver a better
Return on Investment (ROI) and high engagement. The two media formats complement each other in
the sales funnel, and effectively bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds. OOH provides
reach and a public profile, while mobile advertising offers targetting capabilities and access to a
personalized digital world.

Successful campaigns need to start linking OOH and mobile advertising strategies. OOH should be used
to establish brand identity and presence in the minds of the public, and mobile can then build on this
foundation to drive online engagement and sales.

As Mike Follet, the Managing Director of Lumen Research says, “OOH can supercharge the effects of
Social Media.”

Advertising campaigns run exclusively online are becoming less effective as more potential customers
adopt ad blocking technology. This is a fact brands are becoming increasingly aware of, and QR codes
and hashtags designed to attract smartphone interaction are being added to OOH advertising.
Essentially OOH, as a mass reach, one-to-many medium builds curiosity. Mobile can then be used to
resolve any questions, reinforce the advertising message and develop a personal relationship in a one-
to-one situation – leading to action and transaction.

Research from a 2021 report by The Harris Poll shows that customers are particularly receptive to
Outdoor Ads, as it provides welcome distraction when they are commuting. The challenge for OOH ads
is to create messaging that stands out and is memorable, but which can be quickly absorbed.

The rise of programmatic Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising will only serve to further link OOH
and mobile advertising. Still in its infancy in Sri Lanka, programmatic DOOH will allow brands the
ability to run flexible ads, which can be tied to their digital strategies and/or targeted to customers
based on data generated through IoT infrastructure in cities.

According to the 2020 Nielsen DOOH Advertising Report, 62% of viewers engaged with advertisers using
their mobiles after seeing OOH ads. By using multiple ad mediums at once, you’re staying top-of-mind
for consumers throughout their entire day.

If OOH and mobile campaigns are planned strategically, they can create high-reach, inspiring campaigns
and emotional, activating brand experiences which customers find relevant and which drive sales and

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