Launching in 2022, Richardson Outdoor will host a series of free webinars designed to help brand
custodians optimize their marketing strategies. The first session will feature guest speaker Kosala
Hewamadduma who will draw on over 22 years of rich and diverse experiences in multinationals
(including Unilever & Upfield) to speak about the brand benefits of multimedia campaigns which
leverage Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising to boost TV, radio and online campaigns.

Kosala currently serves as a Global Marketing Head and CMO of Upfield for the APAC and NAMET
regions. Upfield produces plant-based brands such as Flora and Proactive. Kosala carries extensive
experience in strategy and execution, coupled with business transformation, turnaround, market
development and building purpose-driven brands. He has successfully spearheaded business
transformation in each of his roles while unlocking sustainable growth and brand purpose. He has a
strong track record of insightful breakthrough innovations and global roll-outs.

Kosala will address the benefits which can be derived by splitting available budgets across mediums to
avoid individual tactics reaching diminishing returns. Multimedia campaigns have a higher ROI than
single media campaigns, according to research by Analytic Partners in 2019. “The combination of TV,
Digital and Out-of-Home drives a 27% increase on top of the ROI delivered by each of the mediums
separately,” according to Paul Sinkinson, Managing Director of Analytic Partners.

Richardson Outdoor are hosting this series of webinars in order to provide local marketing professionals
with exposure to the expertise of top-level specialists within the field. “I watched Kosala excel at
Unilever, and he has continued to grow, lead and inspire marketeers across markets and countries he
has touched. He is a top class marketer with a great sense of balance of strategic depth and
commerciality,” said Imal Fonseka, a senior consultant for Richardson Outdoor.

With over 20 years of experience in Out-of-Home advertising, Richardson Outdoor are hoping to create
more sustainable marketing practices within Sri Lanka. “The first step is to help develop local
understanding of international best-practices. Increasingly marketers are focussed on short term
efficiency and siloed results in spite of research which demonstrates that this strategy in not effective.
Our series of webinars is designed to promote a growth-marketing mentality intended to drive cost-
effective, sustainable, long-term results,” said Nazri Nizar, Managing Director of Richardson.

The first session will be focussed on the benefits of a mixed media marketing strategy, and will be held
on January 19 th 2022 at 5pm (IST). If you’re looking to optimize your marketing spend and get the best
results within your budget, call 0777666424 to register for this Richardson Outdoor exclusive webinar